Who we are.

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Depending on preference, visits can be made to home/nursery/school for both therapy and assessment.


Initial assessments take approximately 1 hour and include a detailed case history and a combination of formal and informal assessments to understand your child’s speech language and/or communication needs.


Assessments and therapy techniques are all tailored to the age and ability of your child to ensure they are motivated and challenged.


All initial assessments will include a detailed report including findings and recommendations for speech therapy input.


If therapy is appropriate it will be tailored to your child’s specific requirements and therapy can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions.



Assessment of speech, language and communication needs using informal/formal tests


Individual/group therapy


Detailed reports/therapy programmes


Support/training to implement interventions for individuals/group/whole school approaches


Staff support for IEP’s, planning and identification of students with speech, language and communication needs.


Work with outside agencies and the NHS for a collaborative approach.

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